Ding Lei

Ding Lei 
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director

DING Lei was appointed as an executive Director on 1 April 2018. Mr. Ding was subsequently appointed as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer with effect from 20 September 2019. He was also appointed as the Authorised Representative and the Process Agent with effect from 20 September 2019. Mr. Ding was appointed as the chairman of the nomination committee of the Board, and as a member of the remuneration committee of the Board. Mr. Ding has been re-designated from the Chief Executive Officer of the Company to the Co-Chief Executive Officer with effect from 11 June 2020, and subsequently redesignated as Chief Executive Officer with effect from 19 July 2021. He has resigned as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and has been re-designated as the Chief Operating Officer with effect on 13 July 2022.    Mr. Ding obtained a Masters degree in Finance from The University of Texas at Dallas in December 2015 and a Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature from Luoyang Institute of Technology* (WԺ) in July 2012. Mr. Ding was an investment manager in the fixed income department in Sichuan Trust Co., Ltd.* ĴӚ޹˾ from January 2016 to September 2017. He is currently a director and chief executive officer of Luanchuan Province Luanling Gold Mines Co. Ltd.* 质h`V޹˾. He is also a director of Chifeng Yongfeng Mining Co., Ltd.* SVI؟ι˾. He is also a supervisor of Shenzhen Munsun Asset Management Company Limited* . He is a vice general manager of Luanchuan County Jinxing Mining Co., Ltd.* 质h dVI؟ι˾ and assistant general manager of mining business department of Munsun Capital Group Limited.






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